Oneiro, dreamed, designed and created by a family business founded over 53 years ago, develops resting solutions characterized by sinuous and soft lines that satisfy the most demanding requests.

In a small atelier, a father and his sons, with commitment and love, transformed semi-finished products and manufactured mattresses to then display them in local markets. On the roof of a Fiat 124 they handed over the result of their work to customers who had believed in them.

Three generations have passed since then and many things have changed: the atelier has become an impressive factory, the mattresses have become innovative resting systems, the local markets are now international fairs and the roof of a Fiat 124 has evolved into fleets and containers to reach all corners of the world. However, passion, commitment and humility have remained unchanged , features of someone who care about the quality of the rest of customers who let themselves be inspired and pampered by our collection.


a dream, a reality!

Italian Mattress srl


Via Ferrante Imparato, 495 - 80143 - Napoli

Tel.0817594475   |   Fax0817599666

 Sleeping well

is you best beauty mask.





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