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Memory Fresh Gel

To wrap your body in the most welcoming comfort, Oneiro products are covered in technical or natural, emotional or technological, environmental or health fabrics to interpret the most diversified and profound needs of our being. Resting in tune with our deepest needs increases the vital charge and the quality of life.

Individually pocketed titanium alloy springs feature a unique double spiral design that provides comfort and support.

Enclosed individually in a bag of technical fabric resistant over time, they act independently of each other to the stresses of the weight and adapt perfectly to the morphology of the body in relation of the individual pressure points to which they are subjected.


Linen is the oldest textile fiber in the world. The first traces of its existence have been provided by archaeological discoveries that trace its origin back to 10,000 years before Christ. Of all the natural textile fibers, linen is among the most resistant and the arrangement of its radiator cells creates a thermo- regulating function of the fiber which, combined with the ability to absorb humidity and its drying speed, makes it comfortable in all seasons. So breathable in summer and insulating in winter.



This fiber is a natural material of vegetable origin, absorbent, insulating, resistant to temperatures, breathable and soft to the touch. Soft as a feather, it envelops the body.


Hypoallergenic wadding

The exclusive quilted surface in breathable hypoallergenic fiber envelops the body in sumptuous comfort. Increasing air flow, it helps create a cooler environment for more rewarding sleep.


Super Soft Foam

It helps provide relief and relieves pressure, particularly useful for those who spend long periods of time in bed or for people with pressure and circulation problems, thanks to the softness of the material.


Memory Visco Foam

Foamed visco-elastic ergonomic par excellence, it has the peculiarity of adapting to the shape of the body by exploiting its heat.

Innovative, technical, non-deformable, hypoallergenic, breathable polyurethane foams thanks to the open cells inside them, which therefore do not favor the colonization of mites and molds.

Our advanced foams are CFC-free and have an excellent elastic return and great ergonomics.

The bi-alveolar latex adapts to the weight and shape of your body, while remaining resistant to compression.

Soft and welcoming, the Memory Fresh Gel produces a pleasant relief from the excess of heat that accompanies the natural fluctuations in body temperature during sleep. It has the ability to adapt to the unique shape and weight of your body and helps to promote a cooler environment.

Resistex® Bioceramic yarn is used to make fabrics that, thanks to the presence of the minerals contained within it, are able to absorb and reflect the heat of the human body.

The heat generated by the FIR helps the relaxation of contracted muscles. The increase in blood flow, which follows vasodilation, brings more nutrients, oxygen, white blood cells and antibodies into the tissues.

Sedentary life, office work, lack of sports, the reduction of green spaces have led to a reduction in the amount of O2 in the environment and this increases the need for oxygen in our body. As the amount of O2 in the body decreases, stress increases in in terms of unhappiness and concentration. With Oxycore technology, microcapsules of O2 are injected into the tissue, improving breathing during sleep.

Resistex® Copper is a high-tech yarn obtained by combining natural and artificial fibers with pure copper. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity and antibacterial properties. It accelerates the sweat evaporation process, slows the formation of moisture on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.


The natural active minerals contained in the innovative Olitherm fiber with 37.5    technology constantly adapt to help you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate, allowing you to sleep better.

Teecnologia 37.5     is permanent and will never be compromised by washing or by time.

Tecnologia 37.5   is based on natural mineral sources and, in compliance with strict European standards, has obtained the “Skin Friendly” certification (DIN EN ISO 10993-5: 2009-10).